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I know the topic was to choose one page but I had to choose a full spread over two pages. On pages 50 and 51, there is a great action scene involving 1 and 2, and what they are actually capable of. The use of smaller panels within the larger panel really helps to better […]

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Anxiety in The comet

In the story, “The Comet” I felt a great sense of anxiety as I read this. How awful it must be to witness the end of the world. The great loneliness that Jim felt before finding Julia. In the beginning of the story, I couldn’t help but think of Danielewski’s House of Leaves. The description […]

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Frankenstein, Vol. I

I feel the biggest difference in the first volume of the 1818 version of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and most other versions, be it film or other media, is the creation of the monster itself. The details in the original text are very ambiguous. Frankenstein takes body parts from the charnel houses. Also he takes pieces […]

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