I know the topic was to choose one page but I had to choose a full spread over two pages.

On pages 50 and 51, there is a great action scene involving 1 and 2, and what they are actually capable of. The use of smaller panels within the larger panel really helps to better show off the action in all of its visceral detail.

A lot of focus of the smaller panels seems to deal with the eyes. I count 11 of the panels focusing on the eye or damage to the eye. As we’ve discussed in class many times before about the eye being a window to humanity, in these panels, I feel it shows a loss of humanity (mainly because everyone, save the animals, is dead at the end of the scene).

The cat’s eye on page 50 changing from normal to skinny and angry is a great transition point from what the dog has just done. First, we see that One has just wrecked a whole Hummer full of soldiers and then we see Two just hanging out on a branch and then in a flash it’s in attack mode and wrecking the ground soldiers.

Also I found the juxtaposition of the human and rabbit foot a little funny.

I’m still trying to figure out how the use of teeth and mouths fits into all of this or if it just there for visceral detail.

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